Uenoya is a food manufacturer specializing in konjac,
a Japanese traditional food, for about 60 years since its establishment.
We are based in Mie prefecture in Japan, surrounded by untouched nature.
We use spring water coming from Kahadakyo Canyon to create our product.

About Kahada Noodle

This is a product made from Japanese konjac yam, kneaded with brown rice flour.
Although it is a thin noodle, it has a firm texture and is gluten-free and non-GMO with 16 kcal per 100g.
As it is low in both calories and sugar, it is a very healthy type of noodle that aids with a healthy lifestyle for all ages.

Discover why Kahada Noodle is good for you

  1. 1. Super easy to cook
  2. 2. Healthy and low calorie
  3. 3. Can be kept in your pantry for a few months
- Carefully selected domestic konjac ingredients(yam)
- Brown rice flour made from brown rice harvested locally
- Calcium hydroxide
- Spring water from the Kahadakyo canyon

Country of Origin - Mie Prefecture, Japan

Our konjac yam and brown rice

Process of making Konjac Noodle

  • Wash, cut and dry the konjac yam

  • Make powder from the dried yam.

  • Mix it with water, brown rice
    flour and calcium hydroxide

  • Let it go through the machine to
    create a noodle shape

Easy prep before cooking

No pre-cooking is required and can be used directly after rinsing with water.
They are very easy to cook and can be served hot, cold or fried.

  • Have it cold with your favorite
    veg and sauce


    Cook and have it warm

When you open the package, it smells like the sea, but this is a natural odor.
The smell will disappear by rinsing or boiling

Things you can make with Kahada Noodle

  • Spicy Noodle

  • Fried Noodle

  • Hot Pot

There are so many other way to use healthy konjac noodle.

We would love to know your receipe too!
So please let us know what you have created. Please #kahadanoodle and share your ideas on Instagram.